Earning $1,000 Pm From Home With Content Writing Jobs Online

Hello Friends! My name is Vinay and I am a full time freelancer writer. Few years back I was really frustrated because I had no job and no money to start any business to earn my bread. I had to close my only way of earning, which was my cyber cafe due to heavy financial losses. My health conditions were also not well to do any hard salesman or other same kinds of job. So, I thought why not try to earn from some of the content writing jobs online? So, I started searching the internet to find a genuine online job. Then, one day I stumbled upon worknhire, which is a best website for freelancer beginners since it do not ask for any fee and there are many opportunities of content writing on this website.

So, I started my career with a very small, or in other words I say a tiny step of working with worknhire. However, I was not happy with my earnings because I was paid around Rs. 100-250/- for a 500-1,000 words article. Although, I knew that I would start earning good income when I bolster my writing skills.

So, friends this way I started my career and within few months; I joined another website called Fiverr, which I thought is a great website for a novice or an expert. Fiverr is an international website and you must possess good writing skills to get some sales on this website, since there are already millions of buyers registered with this website, but getting an order on Fiverr is not tough if you know some SEO. If you want to get instant sales on this website, then you must make a small intro video for your gig. You can visit this website for more information.

Are you still with me friends! OK, so Fiverr really helped me to become an international freelancer and I started earning in dollars. Initially I would earn around $100-250 per month. And then, after few months, I started getting some more amount and joined some more academic writing websites.

Fiverr is also great in the sense that the buyers would pay you in advance for your gig and if you are good at writing, then they would come back again to buy from you. Some buyers on worknhire had ditched me when I worked outside the website. So, take my suggestion friends and never work from outside your freelancing website and always ask for advance payment of around 50% of the project, since there are many hoodwinkers on the internet who just want to exploit your skills and hard work.


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